Baila Cubano :: Instructors


Dr.Barbara Balbuena Gutierrez is the leader of the chair of Dance in the Folklore Department
at the world-wide acknowledged Highschool of Arts ISA
(Instituto Superior de Arte) in Havanna.
After more than 25 years of teaching and intensive occupation with the history of Cuban Dance she is now the eminent authority in this field.
For her efficient theoretical and practical work she has been honored numerous times and also been awarded relevant prizes.
Barbara provides the topics and team of teachers for BAILA EN CUBA, the annual international Festival of Salsa in Havanna.

dance instructor

Directly from Havanna City, Noydee is specialised in Cuban Folclore. Apart from Casino she is also interested in new styles like Templeque. Having been on tour with Festival Son Cuba or Manolito y su Trabuco, she has also already taught in Luxembourg and Germany for many months.


Orlando Alfonso, known as ‘Papi’ was born in 1975 and raised in Matanzas in the north of Cuba. He started dancing Rumba at the age of 7. He acquired his professional dancing education at Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba. He himself is teaching there by now. He toured around Europe with different Cuban dancing companies as dancer and teacher, already. He has been part of the teaching staff at ‘Baila en Cuba’ the annual salsa congress for Cuban salsa teachers and dancing academies in Havana, Cuba since 2006 and always manages to inspire the participants. In 2009 he will definitely be part of the event again. His knowledge ranges from afro-Cuban folklore to the bailes populares, from danzon to son to salsa Cubana and even to the latest rhythms like reggae ton.

percussionist / dancer

Jorge Amado was born 1982 and grew up with the Cuban music and got deep impressions of complex world of drums and polyrhythms. He received professional dancing education at ISA ( Instituto Superior de Arte ) and became an excellent percussionist and master of the religious batá drums. As teacher Jorge instructs the highly complicated Cuban rhythms perfectly and can transform them into dance moves. Being part of well known Cuban dance company BanRará, he impresses also as brilliant dancer and performer.